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Attend as a Buyer

A Buyer Badge will only be issued to persons employed by, and authorized by, a retail establishment that purchases merchandise in quantities for resale. There is no Registration Fee for Buyers.


To pre-register for Buyer Badges to attend the next Market, please complete and submit this form

If this store is registering at the Billings Market Association for the first time:


We do require 2 forms of Business ID be submitted with your registration.  Acceptable ID's include: A Copy of your Business Card; Business License; Federal Tax ID Number; Sales Tax License; or Invoice showing a Quantity Purchase.  If you are submitting these items less than 10 days before the Market, please just bring them with you.


A Guest is anyone not employed by or authorized by the establishment to purchase for the business.

Extra Guests, including friends & children should be kept to a minimum. Large strollers that block aisles should NOT be used. Guest passes will only be given upon a buyer's request and all guests must stay with the buyer at all times while attending the market. Extra guests over 2 per store, excluding children, will be charged $10/person. 

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