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Attend as a Buyer

A Buyer Badge will only be issued to persons employed by, and authorized by, a retail establishment that purchases merchandise in quantities for resale. There is no Registration Fee for Buyers.


To pre-register for Buyer Badges to attend the September 2023 Billings Market, please complete and submit this form

If this store is registering at the Billings Market Association for the first time:


We do require 2 forms of Business ID be submitted with your registration.  Acceptable ID's include: A Copy of your Business Card; Business License; Federal Tax ID Number; Sales Tax License; or Invoice showing a Quantity Purchase.  If you are submitting these items less than 10 days before the Market, please just bring them with you.


A Guest is anyone not employed by or authorized by the establishment to purchase for the business.

Extra Guests, including friends & children should be kept to a minimum. Large strollers that block aisles should NOT be used. Guest passes will only be given upon a buyer's request and all guests must stay with the buyer at all times while attending the market. Extra guests over 2 per store, excluding children, will be charged $10/person. 

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